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Citizens from across Austin have organized to bring forth a campaign to Recall Mayor Adler.  The campaign consists of a paper petition that will be submitted to the Austin City Clerk’s office.  When the City Clerk validates the petition, Mayor Adler will have five (5) days to resign or a referendum (ballot item) will be placed on the election ballot of the general election in November 2020.

Why Recall Mayor Adler?

Citizen from across Austin are working on the Recall Petition drive that seeks to remove the Mayor and five council members for endangering the health, safety, and the welfare of citizens and local businesses; for mismanagement of public policies and resources that have eroded the Austin brand and decreased affordability; and for catering to special interests which is reducing the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Mayor Adler and the City Council have used the homelessness crisis to further their political agendas. This issue has galvanized the community against the leadership at City Hall and fueled the Recall Mayor Adler campaign.

However, there are many other issues affecting our quality of life.

  • The New Code Next – an up-zoning of all residential properties that will affect the quality of life for families, seniors and entire neighborhoods
  • Decreasing affordability
  • Broken promises of a 20% homestead tax exemption
  • An increase in property taxes causing suburban flight undermining school enrollment and causing school closures
  • The controversy around a new $1.2 billion for a convention center, when we haven’t finished paying for the existing convention center
  • Massive tax incentives to out of town businesses that uncut our tax base
  • High fees and slow permitting process driving development away, yet fast tracking pet political projects
  • Failing water utility infrastructure, billings issues and management issues
  • A decrease public safety and increase of crime
  • Traffic grid lock

The list of mismanagement and lack of concern for the citizens of Austin goes on and on.

Who is running the Recall Mayor Adler efforts?

The Recall Mayor Adler campaign was launched by Our Town Austin, a registered political action committee (PAC) for this specific purpose.  According to the Austin City Charter, only a registered PAC can organize a petition drive to recall the mayor.  The Our Town Austin PAC is managed by volunteers and may receive donations from any individuals in the United States for any amount they desire to give.  However, the PAC can not receive donations from businesses, corporations, foundations or other political action committees.  To make an online donation visit:

What happens when the Recall Mayor Adler campaign is successful?

The Recall Mayor Adler campaign depends on volunteers and donations to be successful.  The PAC’s efforts are geared toward gathering petition signatures of at least 10% of the registered voters in Austin.  That’s about 80,000 signatures.  Once the petition drive has gathered the signatures, the petitions will be delivered to the City Clerk’s office at City Hall.  According to the Austin City Charter, the City Clerk will have a short timeline to validate the petition.  When the petition is validated, Mayor Adler will have 5 days to resign or the citizens will have the opportunity to vote him out on November 2020.

If Mayor Adler resigns or is removed, the Mayor Pro-Tem will assume the role of mayor of Austin.  Citizens interested in running for the position of mayor will run in the next general election. (This PAC is not allowed to campaign future political candidates.)

How can you help the Recall Mayor Adler campaign?

The Recall Mayor Adler campaign is a non-partisan grass roots campaign managed exclusively by volunteers.  There are five (5) important ways you can help the Recall Mayor Adler campaign:

  • Sign the paper petition to Recall Mayor Adler and other council members.  To find a convenient location to sign a petition visit:
  • Volunteer to gather signatures for the petition.  To volunteer visit:
  • Donate to the Recall Mayor Adler efforts.  Your donations help print materials like the paper petitions and yard signs.  Anyone – anywhere in the USA may donate to this campaign online at:
  • Follow the campaign on social media and encourage your friends to speak up too.  Our Facebook page is:  There are also several other organic social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter that share interesting information about the recall campaign.
  • Vote.  To make a real difference in Austin, please engage.  Learn about the issues and the candidates running for our local non-partisan government – and VOTE.

Help us Recall Mayor Adler and change the course of Austin.