Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be a registered voter in Austin, TX to sign the petition?

A: Yes. You also need to be a registered voter in Austin, TX to carry or circulate the recall petitions. If you are looking to sign a district-specific petition, you must also reside in that district.

Q: Who can notarize the petitions?

A: Any Texas notary can notarize petitions. The petitions need to be notarized prior to being turned in. The circulator is responsible for getting the petition notarized. We do have a list of volunteer notaries who will help in this effort. Please contact austinourtown@gmail.com for more information.

Q: Who can donate money to this effort?

A: Any United States citizen regardless of where they live in the United States can donate to this cause. To donate, visit our donations page.

Q: I’m a registered voter, but independent (not registered with a party). Do I qualify?

As long as you are a registered voter in Austin, TX, you can sign the Recall Petition. Party affiliation does not matter.

Q: What do jurisdictions ETJ, Limited Purpose, and Full Purpose mean and can I sign the Recall Petition if I live in that area?

The ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction)is the unincorporated land within five miles of Austin’s boundary that is not within the city limits or ETJ of another city. It is the territory where Austin alone is authorized to annex land. Residents do not vote in city council and charter amendment elections.  Residents may NOT sign Mayor or City Council Recall Petition.  (example: Steiner Ranch)

Limited Purpose annexation extends the City’s ordinances and regulations pertaining to land development and the environment and, in some cases, health and safety. The City collects no taxes in limited purpose areas and does not provide municipal services such as police protection. Residents may vote in city council and charter amendment elections. Residents may sign Mayor or City Council Recall Petition.

In areas annexed for Full Purposes, the City provides full municipal services, assesses taxes, and enforces City ordinances and regulations. Residents may vote in all city elections, which includes city council.  Residents may sign Mayor or City Council Recall Petition.

Q: How do I know if I live in the ETJ or not?

Use this Handy-Dandy Website Tool:

Go to: https://www.austintexas.gov/GIS/CouncilDistrictMap/

Type in your street address and see your (1) Council District, (2) Jurisdiction [Full Purpose, Limited Purpose, or ETJ], and (3) County [Travis, Hays, or Williamson].

Q: Are there any repercussions from signing? Will our names be public?

It is our right as citizens to petition our local government. The signed paper petitions are turned into the City Clerk’s office, who is responsible for validation. Names are NOT sold or made public in any other capacity. There are no repercussions for signing this petition or any other.

Q: How many signatures have been collected?

Right now, we do not have numbers on this because the effort is new. After the election, we will post thermometers on our site with updated numbers. We need about 100,000 voters for the Recall Adler petition and about 7,500 for each of the City Council members.

Q: Where can I find circulators to sign the petition?

Please visit our calendar page on this website for the most up to date information.

Q: Is there a deadline to sign the petition?

No. We are coordinating efforts for Election Day but you can sign after the fact. We do have 180 days from the date of the first signature to get this to the officials. That gives us six months. No, it’s not a lot of time, but there will be plenty of opportunities to sign and circulate the petition.

REVISED 11/21/2019