Here are some of the legal requirement according to the Charter of the City of Austin for circulating recall petitions:

  • 10% of registered voters at large in Austin must sign a paper copy of a recall petition
  • For Council Members:  10% of registered voters of the district must sign a paper copy recall petition
  • the City Clerk must certify the petition signatures are legitimate voters,
  • When the petition is certified, the Mayor Adler or Council Member has 5 days to resign.
  • If the Mayor/Council Member does not resign, the Council is required to place the recall issue on the ballot of the next regular election, so that the entire electorate has the chance to vote on the recall measure.


Circulator – The circulator is the person that asks the voter sign a paper recall petition.

Signer – The registered voter that signs a valid paper recall petition.


  • Circulators must be registered voters in Austin to circulate the recall petitions for the Mayor and Council Members.
  • Circulators for City Council Member recalls petitions must live in the district the City Council represents. (Example: Only District 5 voters can circulate a petition against District 5 Council Member.)
  • Circulators must watch each person sign the paper petition.
  • Circulators must have their completed petition forms notarized. Our Town Austin can connect you with a notary, or you can have your forms notarized by any Texas notary.
  • Circulators should return the completed and notarized petition forms to the Our Town Austin project manager.
  • Signers must be registered voters in Austin
  • Signers must print and sign their names clearly so the information can be verified.
  • To sign a Council Member recall petition, the signer must be registered voter in that council district.  (Example:  Only District 1 voters can sign a petition against District 1 Council Member)


Watch this brief training video,
and read the instructions below.

  • Circulator offers voters the opportunity to sign the Recall Petition.
    Signer writes in their information.
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  • Circulator prints his/her name in the certification section.
  • Circulator signs a completed petition in front of a notary
  • Either the Circulator or the Notary must returns the completed and notarized petition forms to Our Town Austin project manager.


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Austin Mayor Steve Adler

Adler Recall Petition

Natasha Harper-Madison

D1 - Harper-Madison Recall Petition

D3 - Renteria Recall Petition

Ann Kitchen

D5 - Kitchen Recall Petition

D8 - Ellis Recall Petition

D9 - Tovo Recall Petition

More questions? Email us at:  voter (at)