Recall of Austin Mayor begins


Recall of Mayor Steve Adler launches

Citizens’ group files paperwork for a political action committee to handle a recall campaign for Mayor Steve Adler and five Austin City Council Members.

AUSTIN, TX – October 21, 2019 — Today, Our Town Austin, a local political action committee filed paperwork with the Austin City Clerk as a first step to initiate a recall campaign of Mayor Steve Adler, and Council Members Natasha Harper-Madison (D1), Council Member Sabino Renteria (D3), Council Member Ann Kitchen (D5), Council Member Paige Ellis (D8) and Council Member Kathie Tovo (D9), the most recently elected members of the City Council.  The other five Austin City Council Members will be up for reelection in November 2020, offering voters the opportunity to elect new leadership in Districts 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10.

Our Town Austin is a non-partisan, city-wide grassroots network of citizens united in this effort.  Voters from across Austin districts, political parties, and socio-economic status have come together to demand a change in leadership at City Hall.  This action comes after a couple of years of contentious and controversial local policy decisions and development issues that have caused friction among City Council and the public.  Voters from all districts are frustrated by the lack of transparency and lack honest public engagement between Council Members and constituents on numerous issues like the homeless crisis, the new land development code, rising property taxes, massive corporate tax incentives, and declining affordability.

Treasurer of the Our Town Austin, political action committee, Sharon Blythe, says “The citizens of Austin expect transparency and a voice in key policy decisions.  We feel that the Mayor and City Council aren’t listening to us or representing us well.”  The recall petition campaign expects to gather enough signatures in each district and city-wide to activate the recall process by the spring 2020. 

An official recall petition for the Mayor will be distributed by volunteers throughout the city.  Similar recall petitions will be distributed for the five City Council Members in their respective districts.  City Charter requires that 10% of registered voters in the City sign the recall petition for Mayor Adler to force the recall election.  The same applies in each district for the City Council Members named in the recall campaign paperwork.

Our Town Austin is a non-partisan, city-wide grassroots network of citizens has united in a historic recall effort, stemming from broad dissatisfaction of the Mayor’s and City Council’s policy decisions on the homeless crisis, the new land development code, high property taxes and the declining affordability of Austin, among several other local issues.

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